Hyperice Reveals Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth and New NBA Partnership

Hypervolt Plus BT
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When Hyperice set out to improve upon their highly revered percussion massage device, the Hypervolt, they brought in rocket engineers. The goal was to keep the device quiet but add more juice (it’s now 30 percent more powerful); but most importantly, they needed to keep it intuitive despite the app’s tech upgrades. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth.

Hypervolt Plus BT
Hypervolt Plus BT Courtesy Image

What It Is and Why We Like it

The Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth packs a 90W motor with three speed settings and five interchangeable attachments (fork, bullet, round, cushion, and flat). The brand’s patented Quiet Glide technology puts Hyperice above the competitors, in our opinion, since it doesn’t sound like a jackhammer when it reaches peak torque. But it’s the addition of Bluetooth and some nifty new app integrations that really separates Hypervolt from the pack.

Here’s how it works: Download the app and pair your device. From here, you can select routines based on activity (warmup, recovery, maintenance), a specific muscle group, or from a collection of pro routines (10 at the onset of the launch, with more to come on a consistent basis thereafter). Videos include an upper body-activation from Joseph Sakoda (aka Da Rulk), who famously trained Chris Hemsworth for Thor; a seven-minute active recovery program that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster uses daily to stay at the top of his game; a total-body warmup CrossFitter Tia Toomey employs to prep her body for heavy lifting; and more.

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Now here’s the brilliant part: Hyperice’s new technology, HyperSmart, takes over to automatically turn on the Hypervolt Plus With Bluetooth (or Hyperice With Bluetooth), then follow along with the pre-programmed video, changing speeds as the routine moves to varying body parts (for instance, it might speed up on a larger muscle group like glutes and slow down on more sensitive areas like your feet). It also notes whether you should be seated or standing, as well as which attachment to use. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation, letting you put your full attention on the task at hand.


Hypervolt Plus BT and app
Hypervolt Plus BT and app Courtesy Image

As for making it more intuitive, that HyperSmart technology doesn’t just make the Hypervolt foolproof to use, it also makes it personal to you. When you create your profile on the app, you can sync to Strava and Apple Health (more wearables to come). The app will classify you (beginner, basic, intermediate, advanced, and pro) based on your activity level and make suggestions on when and how often you should use the Hypervolt. The app will calculate a HyperSmart Score that’s determined by how well you’re balancing work and play (play being recovery). It knows if you cut a routine short, and notes if you’re training for two hours a day but not putting enough time to activate your muscles pre-workout or giving them some much-needed circulation before bed.

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This helps you make the most of your devices. Similar to the Apple Watch’s reminders to stand and breathe, the Hyperice App can remind you to incorporate routines. The HyperSmart Score also incentivizes recovery in a way. People like competition, even if it’s with themself. And at the end of the day, most of us just like to be told what to do to make living a healthier lifestyle just that much easier.

Keep an eye out during basketball games: Hyperice was just named the official recovery technology partner of the NBA. There’s a custom Hyperbox underneath every player’s seat, so athletes can keep their muscles warm and ready all game long.

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