iPhone Not Charging? There’s a (Really) Easy Fix for That


Time for some spring gadget cleaning. Wiping off your screen is a good start, but going a step further might just be the solution you need if your phone has had problems charging. It sounds completely ridiculous, but the trick is to stick a thumbtack with a plastic top (or as our Facebook readers point out, a toothpick) into your iPhone’s Lightning port.


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Recently our photo editor, Nicholas Hegel McClelland, explained that lint can collect inside the tiny charging port and that I could use a tack to remove it. My phone hadn’t been charging unless I jiggled the charger a specific way. Even when it would work, there were times it’d suddenly act like it wasn’t plugged in. There were dark days when I wouldn’t even try to charge it; I stopped setting alarms. The whole thing was annoying as hell. So I tried the tack method. A large mass of lint came out of my phone, and it immediately started charging again. Then, one by one other editors around our office started passing around the tack, and the built-up lint accumulated until it took over the world. One editor familiar with this fix mentioned he thought his charger initially was to blame so he bought another, and when that wouldn’t work, he thought his phone was broken until he cleaned out the lint.

Sound like your life? You should maybe consult a professional before attempting this advice, but here’s what you need to do.

Step 1. Gently insert a thumbtack into the charging port of your iPhone. (We had an iPhone 6.)
Step 2. Carefully scrape toward you to loosen any lint that might be in the port. Note: You might not see anything come out of the port. Congratulations, your phone is probably clean and your phone’s not charging for another reason.
Step 2.5. Do the same thing to your headphone jack, if you still have it.
Step 3. Watch as your battery icon starts filling up and your life changes forever.


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So did you do it yet?

Crazy, right?

Pockets, man.

And here’s a semi-unnecessary disclaimer that we’re not responsible if your phone all of a sudden just breaks and stops working. 

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