11 iPhone Tricks You Never Knew About

Courtesy Apple

At this point, you probably know that little smiley face icon on your keyboard can pull up a slew of emoticons, from turtles to soccer balls. And you're definitely familiar with that whole "Hey, Siri…" thing. But here are a few lesser-known yet practical tips to help you get more out of your iPhone. 

1. Never be late to happy hour (OK, meetings) again.
Once you add the location to an event on your Calendar, iOS 9 will assess traffic and alert you when you need to get on your way. It will even provide you with directions to get there. And don't worry, you can snooze the notification if you need "just five more minutes."

2. Navigate your inbox more efficiently.
Using 3D Touch (a new addition to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that gives your phone enhanced sensitivity to how you apply pressure to your phone), press and hold down in the mail app on a message 
— for about one second — and it pops open for you to preview. Release your finger and you're back in your inbox. While you're previewing it, swipe to the left to delete or to the right to leave it marked as unread.

3. Tweet and text photos faster.
It can be a big time suck to text a photo when you have to scroll through your entire library in the "Photos" app. A quicker way to do it: Use 3D Touch to access your photo library directly from the camera app. When you're in the camera app, click on the image icon on the bottom right to find and share your photos. After you tap, you can quickly scroll through all of your photos and videos on the bottom of your screen and post them to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and more, or share them via email or text.

4. Take off your case when you're charging your phone.
Charging your device when it’s inside certain cases can produce excess heat, which can affect battery capacity. So if you notice that your device feels hot to the touch when you charge it, remove it from its case first.

5. Forward a photo.
If someone texted you a photo you want to send along to someone else, simply hold down on it and select forward (you also will be given the choice to copy or save the image here); for a full menu of options like assigning an email to a contact or tweeting it, you'll have to click on the image, tap the up arrow icon, and then select from a menu.

6. Add another keyboard.
Do all your friends talk in Gifs while you're feeling a little limited by the standard emoticons lineup? Go to "General" under Settings and hit "Keyboard" to add more keyboard options and delete any you don't want.

7. Don't stress over tips.
Or any simple math question, for that matter. Just say "Hey Siri, how much is 18 percent of 128?" and skip the calculator app. Too bad Siri can't do your taxes … yet. 

8. Take a photo while recording a video.
Capturing an epic beer pour or your buddy's bike trick but also want a picture of the event? Grab the picture by tapping the white circle to the left of your record button.

9. Transform your keyboard into a trackpad.  
Thanks to 3D Touch technology, you can turn your keyboard into a handy trackpad, allowing you to navigate your cursor swiftly through email, iMessages, and notes. Just hold down anywhere on the keyboard until all the keys go blank and then move your cursor about the screen freely.

10. Use your EarPods in new ways.
Those earbuds that came with your iPhone aren't just for listening to music: Y
ou can also use the volume button to take a photo with a simple click. 

11. Don't feel guilty about using your phone late at night with Night Shift.
Thanks to this new functionality on iOS 9.3, your iPhone can help you get more sleep, and save you from eye strain. It works by simply shifting display colors to the warmer end of the spectrum, which is better for your eyes. Go to setting "Settings" then "Display & Brightness > Nightshift" to set a schedule that works best with your routine.

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