Is This the New iPhone 8?

Zhang Peng / Getty Images

The Apple rumor mill is spinning like mad this week thanks to some tweets from Latvia.

Claiming connections to Apple manufacturer Foxconn, Riga-based Twitter user Benjamin Geskin is showing off what he claims to be a dummy model of the iPhone 8. It’s made out of polished stainless steel, is deep black in color, and has a small “bump” where the camera protrudes from the body.


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Geskin’s device is the same size as an iPhone 7, but the edge-to-edge display allows for more screen size within the same hardware dimensions. This adds to speculation the next Apple smartphone would get a big boost on screen real estate. 

The device in Geskin’s photos (which he identifies as a CNC mock-up) departs from the popular conception of the current iPhone in two major ways: It implements an edge-to-edge glass screen, and it lacks a home button on the front surface — 9to5Mac suggests the new iPhone will have fingerprint-reading TouchID hidden under the display. Minor adjustments from the iPhone norm include a rear-facing dual-camera system (equipped with a microphone for noise cancellation) and a slightly longer power switch.

You’ll notice the phone lacks an Apple logo. Our guess: Apple is trying to keep its unreleased phone more discreet-looking, as it seems unlikely that the company would forgo its own branding. Of course, we won’t know anything for sure until Apple actually releases the phone; the company famously doesn’t confirm or deny anything related to gadget leaks.


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If Geskin’s device is real and he’s truly acquired next-generation Apple hardware before any release or announcement, then these tweets constitute the first public glimpse of the new iPhone. We’ll unfortunately have to wait in order to find out. For his part, Geskin maintains confidence that he’s got the real thing.

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