“Is It Just Me, or Did Mannequin 3 Put on Some Weight?”

Fat crash dummies main

As Americans, we might be slowly killing ourselves with ballooning waistlines, but it’s the car-safety industry’s job to make sure the process does not come to a more sudden end. That’s why the crash test dummy manufacturer Humanetics plans to fatten them up to create more realistic simulations.

As reported by ABC News, the 167-pounds standard mannequin will grow to 270 pounds with a BMI considered morbidly obese.

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From the article:

“Studies indicate that such drivers are indeed at greater risk in car crashes. In 2010, researchers from University at Buffalo and Erie County Medical Center analyzed more than 150,000 car crashes in the United States and found that drivers considered moderately obese had a 21 percent increased risk of death. Morbidly obese drivers were 56 percent more likely to die in a crash, the study found.”

America does have an obesity epidemic, but stay comforted in the fact that car companies are doing everything in their power to keep us safe and round. 

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