Japanese Scientists Have Created a Sweating, Exercising Robot

Kengoro the robot flexing his bicep
University of Tokyo

A group of Japanese scientists, researchers and engineers have created a humanoid robot with a correct musculoskeletal body named Kengoro. The robot’s size and actual mass match that of a human being. While humanoid robots aren’t exactly new, Kengoro has an interesting quirk: sweating.


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The University of Tokyo team behind Kengoro published their results in Science Robotics—along with a rationale for the sweat. The liquid emission aspect came about as a way to bypass the overheating robots usually face. Holes were drilled in Kengoro’s aluminum body, enabling water to move along the robot as it got busy. In the case of the video below, the robot sweats while performing an impressive variety of exercises. (Though some of its form could use some work.)

The scientists who built Kengoro believe the robot and others like it can be used to better understand human movement. In turn, they’ll be utilized to create things like better crash test dummies and even artificial human limbs.

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