Jawbone Is Reportedly Dropping Fitness Trackers From Its Product Lineup

Jawbone Is Reportedly Dropping Fitness Trackers From Its Product Lineup

The Jawbone UP, one of the most venerable fitness trackers in the market, is apparently not much longer for this world.

The once-prominent fitness wearable brand is leaving the consumer market to focus on a business-to-business model for healthcare providers, TechCrunch reports, citing confirmations from multiple sources. Despite raising almost a billion dollars through investors in the past, Jawbone has spent almost all of its funding, and is hoping a transition to the medical market will excite new investors.

The past few years have not been kind to Jawbone. When the company first entered the fitness world with the UP fitness tracker in 2011, it quickly became the company’s fastest-selling product ever. Nowadays, though, they’ve been seriously overshadowed by competitors like Fitbit and the Apple Watch. Jawbone’s last model, the UP4, is two years old—ancient by tech standards—and the company’s recent posts on social media have been bombarded by angry customers furious with sub-par customer service. It probably doesn’t help that Jawbone’s former customer service provider has since dropped the company for missing a regular payment.

Jawbone isn’t the only wearable company having troubles, of course, as existing brands like Fitbit and Apple jockey for position around new competitors like Samsung, Garmin, Withings, and New Balance. It’s hard to say if this sales slump is due to market saturation or if the oft-repeated claims that wearables are a dying fad are finally starting to come true—although we’re betting that they’re here to stay.

Bottom line: If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker, it would probably be a good idea to skip on Jawbone. You can’t go wrong with a Fitbit Blaze, or any number of these stylish fitness trackers.

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