Jon Glaser’s Top 5 All-Time Favorite Pieces of Gear

"Jon Glaser Loves Gear" premieres on truTV on October 26 at 10 p.m. EST.Courtesy truTV

No one is as obsessed with gear as much as we are, except maybe Jon Glaser. His new show, Jon Glaser Loves Gear (starting October 26 at 10 p.m. EST on truTV), is a fictional reality show that pokes fun of his passion. But as you will read below, it’s barely an exaggeration. Glaser emailed us a few of his favorite things of all-time with the caveat, “I’m going deep on some of these.” 

Easton Aluminum Baseball Bat
When I played freshman and JV baseball in high school, we had an Easton aluminum bat that I loved — matte gun metal gray with forest green lettering and black handle bar tape. It looked cool even though it was simply designed. It was light, and I felt confident at the plate with it. Today’s youth bats make me feel old, in a ‘They don’t make ’em like they used to!’ way. That bat makes me feel like Lee J. Cobb in 12 Angry Men when he rips up the photo of his kid.”  

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Adidas Soccer Shoes
I don’t remember what kind I had — they may have been Franz Beckenbauers — but I had some screw-in soccer cleats in high school that I loved. They fit great, looked cool as hell, and made me feel like a pro when I replaced the studs. I’ll also mention a pair of Adidas indoor shoes I had about 15 years ago that I loved, some two-tone blue Top Salas. Fit my foot great, and also looked awesome. I wore them a lot playing street hockey, and wish I hadn’t because that tore them up and I wish I still had them.”    

Wigwam Thermax Cap
“I’m including this one because I’ve worn it for years, and buy this hat year after year whenever I need a hat, or whenever I want a couple extra lying around. Hands down one of my all-time favorite hats. Simply designed, inexpensive, looks great, keeps me warm. I’m partial to navy blue. Steve Cirbus, my sidekick in the Gear show, as well as the Sheriff in Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter and Sergei in Delocated, also loves this hat. We like to text each other when it’s ‘Wigwam weather.’ We’re forming a comedy team called Wig ‘N’ Wam, and all our jokes are about hats. I’m kidding, but now I want to do that for real because it would be the stupidest.”  


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Shimano Pedals
I have lived in New York almost as long as I lived in Michigan growing up, which is rapidly becoming more and more bizarr-o. I ride my bike a lot, including commuting to work, and I prefer mountain bike pedals, so I have a recessed cleat to walk in if need be. Although, as you’ll see in the ‘Cycling’ episode of my show, I can track stand my bike, and try to see if I can keep my feet on my pedals from door to door whenever possible (although the older I get, the less I give a shit about doing that). I’ve had Shimano M540s (I think) on my bike for years. If they’re not 540s, then maybe they’re 520s. I’d look to confirm, but the bike those pedals are on is at the production office where we shot the show. I very fortunately got a new bike for the show, a sweet custom steel frame from Horse Cycles in Williamsburg, and it has Shimano A530s on them, and I love these. It’s great to have the platform for regular shoes.”

Levi’s Commuter Jacket
I got this jacket about four years ago and it instantly became my favorite jacket. Cool design, I love how it looks — Stow hood in the button up collar; venting on the upper rear back; great pockets all around, inside and out; three rear, cycling jersey-style pockets; two hand-warmer pockets; tabs on the hips that reverse buttons to reveal reflective tape on the inside; red Levi’s tag, which I mention because it’s a great detail, and later versions of the jacket had a white tag, and I liked how the red looked better. I hope this jacket lasts a long time, because looking online, it seems like they don’t even make this version anymore. If that’s true, I will sob hard when this jacket finally reaches the end of the line. But maybe by that point Levi’s will have gone back to this version, or someone at Levi’s will read this and find some dead stock and send me a couple size mediums in black. Or make a special Jon Glaser Loves Gear edition.”

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