Keep Your Gear Dry Wherever You Go With The Sidekick Dry Gear Case From YETI

Sidekick Dry Gear Case

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We got a lot of gear on us when we go anywhere these days. Our phones, wallets, watches, earbuds, all sorts of things we need to keep safe when we go out. All that is doubly true when we go out on an adventure like a hike or a kayaking trip. We certainly don’t want to see our gear get mushed by any water we encounter out there.

Sure, you can get yourself a nice case to keep your stuff safe. But not all of these cases are made equally. Some can claim to be waterproof but will falter at a certain point. And others just don’t live up to the description at all. If you want to make sure those things of yours are gonna stay dry wherever you go, the Sidekick Dry Gear Case from YETI is the item for you.

It should come as no surprise that a case meant to keep your gear safe from the outside elements can be found over at YETI. You look at the coolers and to-go mugs that they sell, insulation is their bread and butter. Few can even make an argument that they do it as well as them. But for a good long while, this case couldn’t be found over at YETI.

This Sidekick Dry Gear Case is so good that it has been sold out for a long time. It has been months since it’s been around, with the waitlist reaching the thousands of people dying to get their hands on one. That’s one good indication that you know that this bad boy is worth a pickup. And you should pick it up while the getting is good since the stock is sure to move fast once more.

Sidekick Dry Gear Case

What makes the Sidekick Dry Gear Case so good? Well, it’s that tried and true YETI craft that makes it so impeccable. There were no half measures taken in the making of this item. For example, the outer shell has been made with a Dryhide Shell. That shell is made from similar materials that make up high-performance white water rafts. Which means those materials are heavy duty.

To add to the waterproof design, the Sidekick Dry Gear Case is also made with a Hydroseal Closure. That means when you put all your gear into this Dryhide shell case, you can seal it up with magnets. Powerful magnets that will seal themselves up quite tight so water can’t get in. That is a much better seal than you could get with a regular ole zipper.

Add in the RF Welded Seams, and you got yourself a portable case that is not gonna let any water into the bag. Which means your gear is gonna be safe wherever you go. Once you organize all your gear in here with the mesh pocket design allowing you to separate your gear for easier access, you can go on any trip with nothing to worry about.

Whether you want to attach it to your belt, another YETI product like a Hopper Soft Cooler, or inside a backpack of yours, this Sidekick Dry Gear Case is gonna do some heavy-duty work keeping your gear dry. So if you’re the type to go on outdoor adventures, you need to pick one up right now while the stock is still high. You don’t wanna end up with a busted phone out there because you went with a lesser case.

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