Kids Ride Shotgun Is Offering Free MTB Coloring Book for Kids: ‘Shred Til Bed’

Shred Til Bed Kangaroo Landscape
Photo: Courtesy of Kids Ride Shotgun/BIKE Magazine

You hear a lot of adults going on about how much of a pain this whole stay-at-home situation is. But what about the young ‘uns who aren’t wise enough to be motivated by financial and existential dread? This must be so frustrating for them! Well, Kids Ride Shotgun, the New-Zealand-based makers of an innovative top-tube-mounted kids seat, are here to ease the burden and help you continue to pass on your stoke for riding, even if you’re not on the bike.

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coloring book
Photo: Courtesy of Mike Hearsey/BIKE Magazine

Shred Til Bed is what Kids Ride Shotgun are calling the page-by-page release of their free coloring book illustrated by Mike Hearsey, on Instagram. Through the month of April, a new page will be available for download on the Kids Ride Shotgun website, which you can find here. Print them out if you’ve got a printer, or load them into a coloring app on your tablet if you’ve got one of those. And if you happen to print out another one for yourself, don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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