Kitchen Gear

You need the proper tools in order to make a proper meal. And if your kitchen consists of little more than a microwave and a can opener, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. That’s why we asked celebrity chef Dave Lieberman, author of Dave’s Dinners, for his pick of the 10 cooking utensils every guy should own.

1. For Mixing
Ditch that dingy Tupperware you “inherited” from Mom and pick up a decent set of mixing bowls. “Plenty of bowls will keep you organized and your kitchen clean,” says Lieberman.
We Recommend: All-Clad stainless steel mixing bowl set $150 @

2. For Dicing
Cutting boards cut down on mess and save your countertop from nicks (which is key for getting back your security deposit). Just make sure you buy two so you don’t transfer harmful bacteria from your steak to your vegetables.
We Recommend: Architec Grippers $15-$25 @

3. For Simmering And Boiling
Instead of buying a full set of pots and pans you’ll never use, invest your money in one higher-quality kettle that’ll serve all your cooking needs. “You can’t underestimate the value of a nice big pot when making pasta, stews, soups, and chili,” says Lieberman.
We Recommend: All-Clad stainless steel stockpot $310 @

4. For Pureeing
Yeah, it’s ideal for mixing margaritas and protein shakes, but a powerful blender can also puree soups and sauces in a flash.
We Recommend: Oster Contemporary Classic blender $90 @

5. For Cooking
Nothing you can buy for your kitchen is more versatile than a good skillet. It’s a one-stop shop come mealtime. Lieberman suggests picking up a nonstick, ovenproof pan for easy cleanup and the ability to throw food directly from the stovetop into the oven.
We Recommend: All-Clad 10-inch fry pan $130 @

6. For Stirring
Yes, it’s low tech, but a wooden spoon is virtually indestructible. It won’t melt if you forget it in a pot, and since it doesn’t get hot, you can’t accidentally burn your mouth when tasting your creations.
We Recommend: 12-inch wooden spoon $3 @

7. For Cutting
Scissors aren’t just for paper-you can use kitchen shears to slice through mundane cooking chores. Use them to trim the fat off meat, dice vegetables-even cut pizza.
We Recommend: J.A. Henckels shears $16 @

8. For Multitasking
From flipping fish fillets to emptying a jar, you can do anything with a good spatula. Just make sure you buy one made from silicone so it won’t damage your pots and pans.
We Recommend: Le Creuset silicone spatula $9 @

9. For Grabbing
Burn that ratty old stained oven mitt and buy a silicone potholder instead. Besides just looking cooler, it’ll double as a counter protector.
We Recommend: Le Creuset “Cool Tool” $9 @

10. For Slicing
Save the dull steak knife for your next street fight. In the kitchen, you need the sharpest blade possible. “Make sure it’s big enough for large chopping jobs and has an ergonomic handle that’s easy to hold,” Lieberman advises.
We Recommend: Wüsthof Classic Santoku knife $90 @

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