Want to Run and Hike With Your Dog? Grab This Leash First

active dog leash
Bear sporting the Quantum leashMichael Charboneau

Among the mountain of toys, treats, and equipment that has invaded our apartment since my girlfriend and I adopted our dog, Bear, last fall, one item stands out as a clear winner: the Kurgo Quantum leash. Unlike a lot of other dog-oriented products, this one works exactly as advertised. It keeps you and your dog tethered together in all kinds of situations, with or without using your hands.

With its six different configurations, it’s the perfect active dog leash. Over the past few months of using the Quantum, I’ve found it’s great for hiking and running with my pup (of course, it also works like a charm on walks around the neighborhood).

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dog leash
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What It Is:

The “6-in-1” in the Quantum’s name refers to the six different ways you can configure the leash: A full six feet, three feet, looped over your shoulder, looped around your waist, tethered to a stationary object using the carabiner at one end, and even as a “double dog walker” for walking two dogs. Two main features make this possible. First, there’s a series of loops running along the length of the leash. Combined with the carabiner attached to one end (opposite where it connects to your dog’s collar), you can easily loop the leash and also adjust how much slack to give your dog. When looped, the leash fits easily around your waist or shoulder for hands-free running or walking.

active dog leash
Bear and the Quantum leash on a hike in Angeles National Forest Michael Charboneau

Why We Like It:

The loop-and-carabiner system makes the Quantum versatile and well suited to hiking and running with your dog. Through daily walks and weekend trips to the mountains, I’ve discovered just how well designed it is. When looped around your shoulder or waist, an adjustable pad makes it comfortable to wear and keeps the leash from digging into your skin. I wear it around my waist when hiking with Bear, and in addition to keeping my hands free, the leash’s loops make excellent attachment points for extra dog gear, like a water dish. The leash then becomes a sort of utility belt, and saves me from having to dig around in my pack to find things.

Pre-hike, I also like to use the carabiner to keep Bear tethered to the door latch on my car, which is helpful when I need him to stay put while lacing up my hiking boots. Changing configurations is as easy as hooking or unhooking the carabiner, and the pad also makes a good handgrip when I’m using the leash at full length. The Quantum used to be our dedicated “hiking leash,” but now we use it everyday and haven’t looked back. Plus, it also includes reflective strips for visibility in low light, and there’s even a bottle opener built into the carabiner. They really thought of everything, didn’t they?


The Quantum is tough, but it’s not indestructible: Bear chewed through it in a matter of minutes when we accidentally left him alone with it. Luckily, we could sew it back together and it still works just fine.

[$26; kurgo.com]

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