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The 12 Coolest Cars We Saw at the LA Auto Show

 Image via Toyota

The L.A. Auto Show is slowly but surely becoming a bigger deal than the massive Detroit Auto Show and the number two auto show in the U.S., CES in Las Vegas (which isn’t even really a “car” show).

You can tell that L.A. (and CES) is mattering more because the mix of cars and brands shown is diverse. Thematically this year’s L.A. event highlights tech, futuristic thinking, and autonomy, with lots of hybridization and pure EVs in the mix.

Still, most of what we like at this year’s Los Angeles show amounts to beauty: even the SUVs are cleaner, sleeker, and more stylish. Yes, even the new Jeep Wrangler gained some curves. A look at the best of what we saw below.