Watch The New Land Rover Defender Tear Up an Off-Road Course in ‘No Time to Die’

When you sit down to watch a James Bond film, you know you’re in for plenty of action, mystery, and some handsome leading men portraying a very romanticized view of spycraft. But high-wattage actors like Daniel Craig aren’t the only stars in these films—the cars are celebrities, too. (It’s hard to imagine James Bond without that iconic Aston Martin DB5 by his side). Now a new vehicle is stepping into the spotlight: No Time to Die will feature the 2020 Land Rover Defender, and a new Land Rover ad (disguised as a behind-the-scenes video) shows the sturdy truck will be put through serious punishment on-screen.

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The video shows a trio of Defenders, escorted by three motorcycles, flying (literally) across a quintessential British landscape of rolling hills and fields. The voiceover promises that the truck will “stay composed whatever the day throws at you.”

And that’s when things get fun.

Fording rivers, plowing through rocks and mud, launching over hills—there’s not a decent road anywhere in sight, but nothing stops the Defender. Even when a particularly gnarly obstacle sends it wheels-up, the truck rolls over and and drives off for the next take… albeit with a damaged front fender.

Land Rover is definitely trying to show off the truck’s toughness here, but the video comes with a caveat: Fine print on the Land Rover website says the trucks were “heavily modified” for the shoot. In the video, they look unstoppable. Will the Defender on your local dealer’s lot be able to perform the same stunts? That’s less clear.

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Either way, we’re happy to see the truck get a role in No Time to Die. And this video definitely makes us want to take a Defender out on the trail and see what it can do.

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