Land Rover’s New SUV Can Withstand Grenades and Gunfire

The new Land Rover Sentinel can best be described as a "tank in a tuxedo." Unveiled by the company's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division, it's the first ever ultra-luxury armored vehicle. The SVO division is also responsible for producing the automaker's ridiculously fast, supercharged versions of its standard SUVs.

While most armored cars are more about function than style, the Sentinel doesn't skimp on either. This gorgeous beast of a car has a certified, reinforced passenger cell that can withstand armor-piercing incendiary bullets, high-strength steel capable of taking blasts from hand-grenade explosions, a tamper-proof exhaust system, a self-sealing fuel tank that prevents leaks from punctures, a backup battery, and run-flat tires.

The steel cells that the SUV is outfitted with enable lateral protection that can shield occupants against 33-pound TNT blasts and DM51 grenade explosions directly below and above it, so you're covered from all sides. The standard glass has been swapped out for multi-laminated, bullet-proof armor privacy tinted glass. Since the Sentinel is considerably heavier than the standard Range Rover, it has been equipped with an upgraded suspension kit, retooled 510-horsepower engine, and improved brake system. Currently, the listing price of the Range Rover Sentinel is around $446,000. That's $352,705 more than the Autobiography model, which the Sentinel fortress is built upon.