Lindsey Vonn’s Advice for a Better GoPro Ski Video

In January, Lindsey Vonn became the most successful World Cup skier in history with her 63rd win in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy. She added another super-G victory a week later in St. Moritz, Switzerland. While things didn't go as well at the World Championship in her hometown of Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado, Vonn did take home a bronze medal at the super-G.

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The record-breaking season follows two years of disappointment where injuries forced the the 2010 gold medalist to cut her 2013 season short and later miss the Sochi Olympics. Vonn says one of her greatest rehab tools has been her GoPro cameras, which she uses to analyze form and mechanics. Vonn, who's sponsored by GoPro, also likes to have fun with the cameras and shares her tips on how to capture the best ski video possible.

How have the cameras helped your skiing?
GoPros have helped my skiing immensely. While training I attached them all over my body — my helmet, boots, skis, chest, and poles. I watch the footage after the run and analyze the movement of my whole body, in particular the lateral motion of my knees. The camera allows me see the slight tendencies which are bad for my rehab. It also allows me examine how I am turning and what is making me slow down on the run. The footage also gives me a chance to map out the course, so I can make sure I understand the fluidity of the run and eliminate the distraction of thinking about each turn. 

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How do you use GoPro for fun on the slopes?
I put it on the gates while I'm skiing, on my ski poles. It's fun to find the perfect shot. Putting a GoPro on your ski or your pole can get really awesome angle shots. 

If you're skiing with a partner, what's the best way to get third-person perspective shots?
The best way is to use the extended pole or even on the top of your skis.

Any other advice to create better amateur skiing videos based on your experiences?
Always have your GoPro charged and make sure you have the right case. The waterproof case doesn't pick up a lot of sound, so if you're shooting a video with sound make sure you put the regular case on.

What mounts do you recommend GoPro skiers start with?
I would recommend using a helmet mount to get your true perspective of what you are looking at during your run. Then a chest mount to analyze the movement of your knees and get the epic lower body shots. You can get a handlebar/seatpost mount to attach the camera directly to your ski pole to turn the camera back onto yourself for a great selfie. Lastly, I would recommend using a flat adhesive on your ski, but when you put it on make sure to heat up the adhesive part a bit and dry off the ski so you can get the strongest connection between your mount and your ski.

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