LOCKRACK simplifies your SUP transport

Transporting a standup paddleboard isn’t an easy thing to do. Not only is it difficult to even get it out of the garage, but strapping that massive board to the roof of your car can be a huge pain. Just getting it up there can be challenging, and then securing your board is a task not to be taken lightly. You need to be sure that it’ll hold up when your vehicle hits 65 mph on the highway.

While most conventional surf racks will also double as SUP racks, we found that we preferred a little added security and strength when it came to our massive standup paddleboard.

Enter LOCKRACK from Durban, South Africa. It’s a very simple concept: Lockable, easy-to-install roof racks for all types of water sports gear. From kayaks to canoes, to SUPs to high performance shortboards, LOCKRACK has a system to fit your water sports needs.

Why we chose it

Such a simple concept. Photo: Jon Perino

While we are quite content with our conventional surfboard racks for our normal-sized boards, we were looking for something a little heftier for our big SUP.

When we saw the latest designs from LOCKRACK, we were intrigued by thier original take on roof rack board security … and simplicity.

Why we liked it

The arms lock in place flat to help with wind drag while driving. Photo: Jon Perino

They’re just so simple and easy to use. Once initially installed (setup takes about 10 minutes), the functionality of the rigging system is plug-and-play. The rubberized lockable bars are easily removed for extremely simple board placement, and then they snap right into place when it’s time to lock in your board.

While not in use, the bars lock into place flat on your roof to reduce wind drag. Not to mention, everything is completely lockable, so no matter where you decide to stop before or after your session, your board will be safe and secure.

Tester tip

You need to keep your SUP safe and secure. Photo: Jon Perino

Get a few different types of rubberized bars. They make multiple versions for different types of watercraft of varying sizes. The base in universal, so you’ll never need to change it out, you just swap smaller bars for smaller boards and larger ones for SUPs, kayaks, or multiple surfboards. It’s really that simple.

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