Luno’s New Camping Gear Brings Superior Comfort to Your Car-Turned-Camper

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Planning a car camping trip this summer? You might want to stop by the Luno website before you head out. The brand just released a new lineup of car camping gear to complement its inflatable mattress. We tested the LunoLife 2.0 last summer and loved it—it’s a simple, cost-effective alternative to a rooftop tent or towed camper Combined with the mattress, Luno’s new accessories will help you get even more comfortable in your car-turned-camper.



From a portable fan to slide-on window screens and more, here’s a rundown of the new gear.

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1. Car Camping Fan

Once you’re parked at a campsite, you won’t be running your car’s AC all night to keep you cool. This portable fan promises air circulation so your confines don’t feel suffocating. A large suction cup firmly anchors it to windows (or any other smooth, flat surface), and its articulating ball mount allows you to direct the breeze where you need it. It has three speeds and can be powered by any USB-A outlet or power bank, and the cord-mounted switch has adhesive backing, so you can stick it to a convenient spot for easy access.


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Luno Car Window Screens
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2. Car Window Screens

While testing the Luno mattress, our writer wished she had “a universal screen for car windows” that would allow her to sleep with the windows down without getting attacked by bugs. Luno has granted her wish. These nylon mesh screens slide over most vehicle doors to create a breathable, mosquito-proof barrier. Added bonus: They also block sunlight, which will keep your car cooler during the day. They add some privacy as well.

[$45 for a set of two;]

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Luno Fitted Mattress Sheet
Luno Fitted Mattress Sheet Courtesy Image

3. Luno Fitted Mattress Sheet

You wouldn’t sleep on a bare mattress at home, so why do it while camping? This fitted sheet works with any Luno air mattress, and its quick-drying polyester-spandex fabric protects it from scrapes, spills, and stains. Cutouts along the sides provide convenient access to the mattress’s fill and vent valves, and it’s easy to keep clean—just throw it in the washing machine.


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