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Mack Weldon’s New Accessories Line Makes Traveling a Breeze

 Courtesy of Mack Weldon

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time in an airport over the holiday travel season knows that the experience doesn’t have many redeeming qualities. TSA lines keep getting longer, flight delays never seem to get any better, and getting to the gate on time can feel more like a marathon than a simple walk from Point A to Point B.

Which is part of why Mack Weldon’s new luggage and accessories line, which retails for between $48 and $148, is such a welcome addition to the ever growing constellation of better designed gear for travelers. The brand’s Ion collection, which launched today, includes a duffel bag, a dopp kit, and a wallet, all of which were designed with the goal of taking the traveler’s focus off the trials and tribulations of getting to their final destination.

“We felt strongly that what’s out there didn’t check all the boxes,” said Matthew Congdon, the brand’s creative director, in an email. “Our guys have demanding days and the last thing they should think about is switching up a bag. We designed ours for multi-tasking. We focused on delivering functional and relevant innovations combined with our signature elevated design.”

With that goal in mind, all three pieces are constructed from a waterproof fabric and  zippers, and the weekender and dopp kit are lined with an antimicrobial silver ion coating that keeps the grosser, microscopic elements of everything you need to haul in check. (It’s also easy to rinse out if your face wash explodes out of one of the included TSA-approved travel bottles in transit). The wallet and the weekender are both equipped with battery packs that can get your iPhone or Android device back to a full charge (and they come equipped with both Lighting and Micro USB charging cables). If you’re in a rush, the handles on the weekender are engineered so that you can wear it as a backpack and hustle to wherever your final destination might be—without having a big bag of your essential gear swinging from your hands. Take a closer look at each piece below, and get your own set on Mack Weldon’s website before they sell out.