Macklemore Hikes (Around) Mount Rainier In This Columbia Sportswear Campaign

If you know anything about Macklemore, it’s probably that he’s responsible for the hit "Thrift Shop," and that he’s a serious Seattle Seahawks fan. It also turns out he’s something of an outdoorsman, and really digs exploring Mount Rainier.

"When you look out of the window after a year of touring and see Mount Rainier on the horizon, it means that you've made it home," says Macklemore in Columbia Sportswear’s newly released video (above). While summiting the 14,410-foot Rainier is possible without major mountaineering experience (a guide is highly recommended), Columbia couldn't verify whether he’s climbed the peak himself. For now, his love of Rainier is on record for a promotion spot for the Portland, Oregon–based brand's Tested Tough campaign.

This is my home. This is my upbringing. This is what matters. This is #TestedTough. ? @columbia1938

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And although this is an advertisement, the short video is refreshingly earnest and fun to watch if, like us, you can't get enough of the national parks.

"I have been tested tough numerous times in my life," Macklemore says in the ad. "For me, it's being a good dad. Being a good partner. Doing the right thing. Staying sober. Battling addiction. And that's a test I'll never fully win. I just have to go day by day. Be present. Show up for my family. Be of service to others. These are all moments where I'm constantly tested." 

In between shots of his Rainier hike — one of the riskier ones you can take — are clips of the rapper hanging out with his family, and recording and playing live shows. But it wraps up with Macklemore looking out on the National Park below and Rainier's volcanic peak towering behind him in the background. "If you want a dose of humility, if you want a dose of perspective, of what really matters, of impermanence," he says, "there's no better place to be than outside." 

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