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No matter who you are, everyone loves to travel. Going on vacation, getting away from all the troubles of normal living is what most people look forward to all year. Even if it isn’t the most luxurious, bank-breaking trip in the world. Just packing up and jumping on a plane is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even if going to an airport and getting on a plane is one of the most ungodly and hellish processes in the world.

Getting to that vacation spot is great but getting there is no fun. The entire process is just mind-numbing. Even before getting to the airport, the process isn’t any less annoying. Getting all the clothes and items that need to packed away is its own soul-sucking process. How much can be packed away? What outfits should be brought? It becomes even more annoying if the bag is too small.

Anyone that needs a good travel bag with a lot of space should look towards Macy’s for help. Macy’s has one of the biggest selections of all the items anyone could need in this regard, so of course, Macy’s is going to sate those needs. But the right kind of bag can be pretty expensive, right? Macy’s has great prices on all the items in the store, but sometimes even at those prices, some people might not be able to afford it. Luckily for anyone with a trip in the future, there is a great sale going on a spacious piece of luggage.

Crew™ 11 21" Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Right now, the Crew 11 21″ Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase is being discounted 50 percent off at Macy’s. Finding anything for half off is always an amazing feeling. And with this piece of luggage, the travel needs are going to be set. This thing is really spacious, the interior coming in at 21″ x 14″ x 9″. That’s is plenty of space to begin with and for those that know how to play travel Tetris, it is going to be an immense upgrade from a lesser suitcase. Like any good suitcase, it is going to have more than just one slot to place items. There are plenty of pockets on this suitcase to allow for smaller items to go so they won’t take up space in the area for clothes and shoes.

Traveling is a stressful experience, so there is always the desire to make things a little easier. Relive some of that stress. So most favored suitcases these days have wheels and a handle on them. Nobody wants to carry a heavy suitcase, even for a small amount of time. And being at an airport, nothing is going to take a short amount of time. So obviously the Crew 11 21″ Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase is going to have wheels to make moving along a little easier. But that’s not the only thing.

Everyone traveling has at least one electronic device that needs to be charged at some point. But there are going to be moments when it won’t be so easy to grab a charger out of the bag or even to find an outlet that can be plugged in to. This bag is so great that it has it’s own USB port in the back of it to allow for charges on the go. No need to stop, no need to worry about the battery dying. Charge and go with ease with the Crew 11 21″ Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase.

Whether going to an airport for a trip or just going on the commute to work, a great suitcase is going to make life a lot easier. Macy’s having a big deal on the Crew 11 21″ Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase is a godsend for everyone looking for a better option. While supplies last, grab a suitcase at Macy’s and take away a lot of the irritation of travel.

Get It: Pick up the Crew 11 21″ Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase ($230; was $460) at Macy’s.

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