Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly


Start with a tune-up. That can boost your mileage by about 4%. Removing your car’s roof rack will also improve fuel economy, by about 5%. Avoid using your car as a rolling storage locker; 100 pounds of gear in the trunk can increase fuel consumption by up to 2%. Next, consider low-rolling resistance tires (6% improved mpg). If you can’t afford new tires, keep the ones you have properly inflated; running on under-inflated tires can reduce your fuel consumption by around 3%. Switching to synthetic motor oil can help your vehicle run more efficiently under extreme conditions, and it can last up to three times longer between changes than pure petroleum-based oil. This can save an estimated 15 to 24 quarts of oil per year. Finally, use environmentally friendly car-care products, like waterless car wash solution and cleaners that use biobased natural fruit and plants. Jim Gorzelany is an auto expert and author of the Automotive Intelligentsia Money-Saving New-Car Guide. Related articles:

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