Meet Infiniti’s Sleek New Coupe: the Q60

The New Infiniti Coupe Q60
Courtesy Infiniti


Infiniti Q60 Coupe

Basic personality

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Life story in 25 words or less

Infiniti’s first true breakthrough was with its gorgeous, Z-inspired G35 Coupe. Now it resurrects its spirited two-door bloodline with the sleek Q60.

Fast or slow?

Depends. In top-tier Red Sport trim, it zooms 0–60 in about 4.5 seconds. In base “2.0t” trim? Well, just sit back and enjoy the comfort, who’s counting?


Source: Nissan Image Library

Special talents

The twin-turbocharged V6, which can be boosted from 300 hp to a hot-blooded 400 hp (in Red Sport trim). The cabin’s buttery leather and fine detail would cost much more in a German sled.

Easy or tough to handle?

One of the first “drive-by-wire” systems, Infiniti’s DAS (Direct Adaptive Steering) is more precise in its second generation, with fewer steering corrections needed and a vastly better feel. Throw in adjustable digital suspension, drivetrain modes, and other options, and the Q60 offers a mind-boggling 336 possible driving combinations. Yes, that is overkill.

Best side

Pretty much all of ’em. The Q60’s proportions and exterior design are among its most alluring qualities.

Favorite thing to do on a date

Long sweeping turns and open road. The Q60 wasn’t built to carve canyons, but it’s an eminently luxurious cruiser.


Value. You get essentially the same bodywork and 19-inch alloy wheels whether you buy the base 2.0t or the high-performance Red Sport.

2017 INFINITI Q60 Sports Coupe

Source: Nissan Image Library

Most attractive to

Guys who appreciate a good-looking car and want a luxury marquee’s top-of-the-line two-door, but don’t need racetrack speed to match. Many cars talk “athletic,” but with its flared front fenders, 19-inch staggered wheels, and swole haunches, the Q60 boasts Olympic sprinterlike definition.

Available to the average joe?

Absolutely. Whether it’s the sizzle and power of the Red Sport ($51,300) or the value and sporting looks of the 2.0t ($38,950), one will make both you and your wallet happy.

Most likely to be remembered for?

A combo of sinewy sheet metal and sumptuous appointments that make it a sports coupe built for real-world driving, not racetrack murdering.

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