Meet Your Next-Level Fitness Partner: the Fitbit Blaze

Meet Your Next-Level Fitness Partner: the Fitbit Blaze

If you thought Fitbit devices were just good for counting steps, then you clearly haven’t met its smart fitness watch, Fitbit Blaze. Released this past Spring, Fitbit Blaze leverages the company’s iconic step and heart rate technology and integrates it with an activity tracker and smart features. The result: Pretty much all the information you could want in and out of the gym, right on your wrist.

You know the basics of what a smartwatch can deliver for your lifestyle. (Did we mention this watch looks seriously slick with a suit?)

But where Blaze really grabs us is with its fitness features. Not only does it track how well you crushed it at the gym, but it also ensures even unintentional workouts, like long walks, don’t go unnoticed. Check out these seven ways Blaze can seriously up your fitness game.

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Feature: PurePulse Heart Rate

What It Does: Tracks your heart rate continuously all day, every day (well, all the times you wear the watch, at least).

How It Ups Your Fit Game: By now, you know your heart rate reveals pretty much everything about how your body is functioning, from burning calories to controlling stress. Fitbit’s proprietary PurePulse technology is like the stenographer of the courtroom: It hears and records every move you make so at the end of the day, it’s captured every peak and lull in your system. Tap the screen and you can not only see how many calories you burned walking at work, how hard you hit the gym, and how long you stayed in peak burning zones, but you can also look at the big picture and monitor how your resting heart rate is progressing over time, a great indicator of changes to your cardiovascular health. even how your fitness level compares to similar guys.

Feature: Multi-Sport Tracking

What It Does: Tracks your heart rate, mileage, and calories burned specific to the type of workout you’re doing so you get the most accurate read possible.

How It Ups Your Fit Game: When you go on a run, it’s good to know your heart rate, mileage, and calorie burn—and you’ll get all that from this watch. But every gym junkie with a running watch or app has probably wished their gadget could do the same for their HIIT routine or boxing workout. Blaze’s multi-sport feature allows you to do just that by toggling among up to six sports, including running, biking, circuit training, weight-lifting, hiking, bootcamp, golfing, kickboxing, and tennis (just to name a few).

Feature: Reminders to Move

What It Does: Nudges you to walk at least 250 steps if you haven’t in the past hour.

How It Ups Your Fit Game: You’ve probably heard sitting all day is pretty much the worst thing you can do for your health, and that it’s not enough to hit the gym daily to counteract it. The good news: Research has shown a five-minute walk for every hour of sitting can help counteract the damage parking it in a chair does to your leg arteries. If you’re thinking you probably already do this, put the champagne on ice until you spend a day with Blaze—you might be surprised how often you’re notified that you haven’t moved all hour.

Feature: Smartphone Notifications

What It Does: Notifies you of incoming calls, texts, calendar appointments, emails, or smart phone app alerts on the watch screen when your phone is nearby.

How It Ups Your Fit Game: Most of the time, our workout window is squished between two obligations and amidst a dozen other moving parts for our social, professional, and personal lives. Having complete access to your incoming calls, text, calendar appointments, and emails right on your wrist makes it a helluva lot easier to work up a sweat while you’re waiting for the go-ahead email from your boss or date time from your girl. Spend your energy popping out another set, not stressing about missing a notification.

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Feature: Sleep Tracking

What It Does: Automatically detects when you fall asleep, then tracks your sleep quality throughout the night.

How It Ups Your Fit Game: Sleep is crucial for proper hormone production, which keeps your metabolism moving, muscle building optimized, and fat accumulation down—not to mention that unknowingly spending half your night tossing and turning leaves you less than prime to hit your workout full force. Blaze’s ability to track sleep duration and quality highlights how many hours you’re actually logging and helps you to realize the nights you’re most restless are also ones where, say, you fell asleep with the TV on.

Feature: On-Screen Workouts with FitStar

What It Does: Offers three FitStar workouts with step-by-step coaching right on the watch.

How It Ups Your Fit Game: FitStar offers hundreds of workouts directly on their app (tracking for which is Fitbit compatible), but Blaze comes with integration for three of them—an 8-minute warm up, 7-minute workout, and 10-minute abs. Start these from the watch and you’ll score step-by-step instructions on how to execute the moves. The coolest part: FitStar is like a personal trainer that goes everywhere you do. Getting in a quick workout between meetings or while traveling on business is fast and easy.

Feature: Auto-Recognize Activities with SmartTrack

What It Does: Automatically logs unintentional long walks, runs, or rides as workouts.

How It Ups Your Fit Game: This may seem a bland highlight at first, but hear us out: No doubt you’ve set out on a 10-minute walk only to come back an hour later and had your band do nothing more than count steps. Blaze automatically detects when you’re on longer adventures—exploring a city on foot, biking to your friend’s apartment, taking the dogs for a stroll—and tracks both your calorie burn and heart rate and then logs it all automatically in the app so you can see how all your activity adds up. After all, every bit counts, right?

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