Mission Workshop’s ‘Rambler’ is the ultimate all-weather pack

As the seasons begin their transition into cooler, wetter weather, we certainly don’t want to be caught out in the cold without a day pack to protect our gear from the elements.

The Rambler is such a stylish and functional pack. Photo: Courtesy of Mission Workshop

From cycling in the city to hiking far off the grid, a solid pack will do wonders for your well-being on any trip.

The people over at Mission Workshop have developed the Rambler ($295), which simply looked so good, we had to get our hands on one.

Why we chose it

It’ll help you keep moving the entire trip. Photo: Courtesy of Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop’s reputation for making the highest-quality packs goes without saying. And when we were searching for the right piece of gear to handle everything from a trip to Bend, Oregon, to surf the Whitewater Park river wave, to day trips at the beach with the kids, to bike commuting to work … we just needed something that’d keep our valuables safe from whatever we decided to throw at it. (Not to mention just looking really great in the process. That never hurts.)

This pack can be used in traditional “roll-top” form for the highest level of waterproofing, or you can use it in simple “flap-down” form for an easier way to get all set while still maintaining a higher level of weatherproofing than many other packs in this class.

Why we liked it

Roll it up, keep it all dry. Photo: Courtesy of Mission Workshop

The Rambler is constructed with waterproof materials, urethane-coated zippers, multiple weatherproof compartments and a carbon fiber reinforced internal frame suspension system. What’s not to like?

Not to mention that Mission Workshop packs are “Guaranteed Forever” by the brand. The material used is among the highest-quality materials we’ve ever seen a pack constructed from, and all bags are made in the U.S, with the brand’s website stating that they are “built to endure.”

It was tremendously comfortable on our back all day, and the cherry on top would have to be its styling: This thing just looks really nice. From the office to the trail to the river, this pack simply fits in.

Tester tip

While you’ll probably use this thing mainly as a 22-liter pack for most everyday use, the Rambler can expand up to 44 liters when you have that extra gear you need to include in a more intense endeavor.

“A key feature of the Rambler backpack is its ability to quickly double in size from 1,350 cubic in. to 2,700 cubic in. when needed for extra cargo carrying capacity,” states Mission Workshop on their website.

Familiarize yourself with this feature and it’ll be sure to open up many more doors for this pack’s capabilities on more long-term adventures.

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