MJ5: Mark Wahlberg on His Favorite Gear, Best Piece of Advice, and More

Mark Wahlberg never sleeps. Well, based on all the things he’s doing—juggling six different business ventures, three major movie roles, and staying as fit as anyone in Hollywood—it just seems like he never sleeps. That’s how Wahlberg has established himself as the hardest-working person in Hollywood.

COVER STORY: It's Mark Wahlberg's World—We're Just Living in It

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Wahlberg is currently shooting the action movie Infinite, directed by Antoine Fuqua, and coming up in the future he’s hoping to take on The Six Billion Dollar Man, a reboot of the ’70s television series. On top of all that, Wahlberg recently started up a production company, Unrealistic Ideas, and has been focusing his workouts on F45 Training. Wahlberg owns a stake in the business, which is a group fitness studio that emphasizes functional movements. So yeah, he juggles quite a bit.

“I give it my best and do everything that I need to do to be prepared, and if it doesn’t work, it’s not for lack of effort,” Wahlberg said in his December cover story. “If I just show up and phone it in—like I’ve seen a lot of people do in the past—and then it doesn’t work, a lot of that is on me and what I didn’t give.”

Wahlberg sat down with Men’s Journal to talk about some of his favorite gear, best advice, and more. Watch the video for his full MJ5 above.

Mark Wahlberg

5 Ways Mark Wahlberg Stays Wicked Strong

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On his favorite piece of gear: “I’d have to say the lifeline, [my phone].”

On his favorite meal to cook: “That I would cook for myself? I’m restricted to probably roasted chicken, eggs, stuff like that—the basics.”

On his favorite drink: “Right now I’m in training, so there’s no alcohol being consumed. So I have to say this little gentleman here, AQUAHydrate, or a Performance Inspired shake with AQUAHydrate. Everything that I drink has AQUAHydrate in it anyway.”

On his favorite place to travel: “Upstairs to my bedroom or downstairs to the gym. I’m not really in the mood for traveling right now—I’ve been doing too much of it.

On his best piece of advice: “Cut the shit. Pretty much sums it all up.”

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