The Modern Man’s Guide to Home Gyms


“Home gym.”

We know what that brings to mind: a dust-laden room with an ancient NordicTrack and some cheap plastic free weights scattered on the floor like beer cans in a frat house.

And that’s not far off. According to Consumer Reports, we spend billions of dollars on treadmills, StairMasters, and other equipment every year in the U.S., yet a third of us who have the stuff admit we don’t use it anywhere near as much as we originally intended.

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Well, it turns out we’re buying the wrong equipment, jamming it in the wrong room, and generally not treating the home gym with the care, intelligence, and respect it deserves. We know this because we rounded up some of the best trainers, sports psychologists, and high-end home designers in the business and wrung out of them every gear recommendation, design tweak, and MacGyver-esque hack they had, from the best lighting to the coolest stereo to the most die-for resistance gear.

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What we ended up with is, in a nutshell, everything you need to make your home gym the most (OK, second-most) popular room in your house.

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