Capable of Hauling 361 Pounds, the New Momentum PakYak E+ Cargo Bike Can Replace Your Car

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We’d assume the new Momentum PakYak E+ gets its name from the pack animal. Yaks are veritable workhorses that have incredible brute strength. Now no offense to actual yaks, but they require care and feeding. Truth be told we’re not really sure what they eat, but we know for certain the PakYak E+ chews on voltage, then spins it into 80Nm of torque—way more than even the most powerful e-bikes on the market—all from a 500Wh battery. Here’s what to expect from the new cargo e-bike.



Momentum PakYak E+: Longer charge, better range, and excellent storage

Range is already excellent, at 60 miles, but there’s also a slot for a second battery to double that to 120. A yak might do just as well, but the going, we’d guess, would be darn slow. And we assume slow and steady portage isn’t what you want from a hauler.


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Momentum wasn’t happy to stop there either, so while lots of e-bikes charge slowly, you can re-boost this rig in a faster charging mode, allowing up to an 80 percent refill in just a few hours, or a half a top-up in under an hour.

We’re also impressed with the addition of on-bike lockable storage. That’s handy, not just for tools you might need for on-bike repairs, but also for stashing a windbreaker, gloves, or rain jacket—just in case.

The Momentum PakYak E+ battery
The Momentum PakYak E+ has a slot for a second battery that extends range to be twice as long. Courtesy Image

Power and Performance: What to expect from the Momentum PakYak E+

Performance-wise, Momentum went for it, with four-piston brakes, standard fenders and lights, and an internal Shimano hub gearbox. We dig the latter, because it makes shifts ultra-smooth. And you need those stout brakes (with oversized 203mm rotors) to handle the payload.

There’s a clever wheel lock at the front that prevents anyone from easily rolling away with your PakYak. At 79 pounds, it’s not light, so if that front wheel can’t roll, lifting it up to swipe it will require either one very strong human, or at least a few average ones.

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The kicker is its 28mph top-assist speed, because stoplight-to-stoplight cadence of traffic is just a hair faster than the 20mph top-assisted speed of most lesser cargo carters. More boost at a higher cadence will cut your commute/courier times, because you’ll keep better pace with traffic, whether bike or automotive.

As for how much you can land barge, the rear rack can tote up to 102 pounds, and the front can manage 33. You can also set yours up as a school bus instead, with two seats for tykes in back.

Side view of Momentum PakYak E+
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Personalizing your perfect PakYak E+

We dig the smaller wheel size (24 inches vs. what might be a conventional 26 or 27.5) shod with wide, 2.5-inch rubber, not to mention a steering stabilizer which helps return the bars to center when you’re carrying weight on that front basket.

Those smaller wheels help the bike sit at a lower height, and that, in addition to a step-through design, all allow you to make the most of your leverage. (The higher the bike, the more it’s going to feel “tippy,” and that pendulum sensation gets worse on cargo bikes that ride taller.) A dropper seatpost also enables both lanky or shorter riders to adjust their pedal stroke instantly, and Momentum includes both a USB phone charger from the digital display, and a double kickstand to keep the bike balanced when you’re loading up.

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Momentum even built a whole array of additions like specific cargo bags and panniers that nest within the front/rear racks, to make the experience and use as seamless as possible.

Sorry actual yak. You’re just not as versatile as this bicycle.

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