Nab This iPhone Replacement Charger Cord Today for Less Than Half Price

iphone replacement cord

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When was the last time you lost or broke the charging cord to your iPhone? We can tell you exactly when it was for us—because it happened just last week. Fact is, it happens all the time. That’s why a deal like this is truly a lifesaver. Right now you can get an Apple-certified replacement iPhone cord for more than 50 percent off. That’s right: This quality replacement charger cable for your iPhone costs about half of what you’d normally pay.

Even at regular price, this AmazonBasics iPhone replacement charger cord costs far, far less than what you’d pay if you bought it directly from Apple. Seriously. Normally $17, right now this 6-foot iPhone charger cable is only $8 at Amazon.

If you’ve ever bought a replacement iPhone cord at an Apple store, then you know how huge a price-drop just $8 is.

Whether we leave them at work, in the car, or at the bar (don’t ask), iPhone charging cords have a way of disappearing. Amazon is a great resource for replacing them, but often Apple products are just as pricey on Amazon as they are at the Apple store. This 6-foot Lighting-to-USB charger cord normally costs nearly $20. So for $8, this is a deal that’s too good to pass up.

iphone replacement cord

Better still, it comes in white, of course. (But also red, black, blue, and grey.) Only this single white Lightning cord is currently on sale, but if you prefer you can get these cords in 10-foot, 3-foot, and even 4-inch patch-cord lengths. You can also buy a 2-pack or a 12-pack. So there are plenty of options. But if you’re just looking for a white replacement charger cord for iPhone, you won’t find a better deal than this on one that’s Apple-certified.

Apple-certified, Apple-approved

Apple cornered the market by developing its own proprietary charging system, and that kind of ingenious forward-thinking is part of what made the company what it is today. You just can’t beat the quality—but you can’t use anything else.

The only downside is, if you ever need anything fixed or replaced, Apple can charge pretty much whatever it wants for any part, gadget, or repair service you might need. Why? Simple: There’s no competition.

Oh sure, there are knock-offs. But if you’ve ever bought a replacement charger cord at the corner store or at a gas station, you know how crappy those things can be. They might work for a few hours or days but after that, you’ll just need to get another one. Probably directly from Apple, so you know it works for more than a week. And they’ll likely charge you a bunch of money for it. Because they can. And, you’ll pay it. You know you will.

Eliminate that hassle. Replace it right, the first time. Get this Apple-certified replacement iPhone charger cord for less than half price at Amazon before this sale ends.

In fact, you may as well go ahead and buy it now, while it’s on sale. We are. After all, we’ll need another one soon enough.

Get It: Save 53% on the Apple-certified AmazonBasics Lighting-to-USB iPhone Charger Cord ($8; was $17) at Amazon

Get it!

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