New Balance Minimus MT-10 Road Sneaker Review


Minimalist running and training is the talk of the industry these days, and has been for quite some time now. It’s all about less is more and natural, natural, natural. Several manufacturers stormed the market with minimalist shoes, gaining tons of publicity and popularity with mixed levels of support from experts and researchers. To satisfy both sides of the argument, New Balance seems to have found something halfway there. We got our hands on their new Minimus MT-10 Road version sneakers and we gave them a go.


Technically, it’s not actually a minimalist shoe—it’s got the look and the feel, but it’s not 100% there. Some of the traditional training shoes remain, such as a fuller midsole. Other than that, It’s extremely lightweight, and you can feel the surface you’re running or working on pretty well through the sole. It weighs 8.2 ounces compared to traditional running shoes, which weigh anywhere between 10 and 12 ounces.

The Feel

On the Road They were made for road runners. New Balance has trail versions but if you’re looking for just a bit more backbone to a shoe while pounding the pavement, this is the go to. With the Weights Enjoy throwing around the weights a bit? Maybe into CrossFit, too? The MT-10 does you a solid, we tried them out deadlifting, squating, lunging, you name it—the shoe provides an ample amount of support as well as maneuverability during movements.

The Look

They’re tight lookin’—he materials, the stitching, color scheme and shape. We’d rock these for a morning or after work jog, gym sessions, a stroll in town or lounging around. Let’s face it, having a cool pair of shoes is a must, and these certainly deliver.


We beat these up in the gym, on the street and during casual wear. They’re very well put together and can take the hits.

The Downsides

The price is a little steep for a minimalist shoe. And although the New Balance Minimus MT-10 Road and other product extensions claim they can be worn with or without socks, well, we highly recommend socks. After a day of running, they can get kind of swampy.

The Verdict

These shoes are a solid pick for someone who wants to start ease into the minimalist shoe craze. Totally worth the money.

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