A New Dating App for Healthy Eaters

Just salad salad match teaser

Romaine and red onions never seemed so romantic. As of August, singles and salad lovers are browsing hungry hotties via Just Salad’s newly launched app called SaladMatch. Picky eaters and picky daters in select cities (for now) can meet up at a nearby Just Salad for dating and dining–or to simply chat over frozen yogurt, soups, smoothies, and, of course, salads.
What It Is: Much like Tinder and other dating apps, the matchmaking machine links users to guys and girls in their geographic areas. Within the free app, swiping a photo to the left (or touching the chopping utensil) signifies no, and a flick to the right (or tossing her into your salad bowl) means yes. Then, the next dream girl with a healthy diet (or at the very least, a soft spot for chopped salads) appears directly after.

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Of course, the whole purpose of this app is to find someone you can share a salad with, so questions include, “What type of salad eater are you?” with options like vegan, meat-lover, make-my-own, gluten-free, and chef-designed. Singles also select their most convenient Just Salad location, and because timing is everything, your screen then inquires, “When do you visit Just Salad?” offering three options (lunch, afternoon, dinner) with hour ranges for rendezvous.

Who It’s For: The laid-back guy with a sense of humor who craves a healthy meal and is serious about finding a woman who values the same lifestyle. It’s like picking up a girl in the gym, but for foodies. Plus, instead of going all out on a swanky dinner with someone you’re not sure you will even like, it brings both parties to a casual place and makes sure they have at least one shared interest to discuss during awkward silences. 

Hey, it’s often said, “Food is the way to a man’s heart.” But maybe salad is the way to his soul mate.

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