New Women’s Surf Brand SISSTREVOLUTION Is Making a Splash in the Surf World

If you’re a female surfer, you’re familiar with the struggle of trying to find a wetsuit that checks all the boxes: fit, style, comfort, and performance. Up until recently, the choices for women who love the act of riding waves was mutually exclusive: One or the other … never all.

This is where SISSTREVOLUTION comes into play. The brand, under the same parent company as Vissla, was the brainchild of Paul Naude, who had identified the niche in women’s surf apparel and gear that needed to be filled.

Referred to around the office as “Vissla’s sister,” when it came time to name the developing brand, the name simply stuck. SISSTREVOLUTION has multiple meanings: sister (as in the women who surf and quite literally the sister brand of Vissla), evolution (to illustrate moving forward), revolution (bringing advances into women’s surfwear), and even “love” spelled backward (a hidden meaning that adds another layer to the moniker).

SISSTR is rooted in surf – no models in the ad campaigns, just real surfers, creators and ocean lovers. It’s the high-performance, eco-conscious brand all of us wished was around when we were younger. It’s inspired by (and caters to) young women ages 12-25, who are looking for stability and fit that doesn’t compromise style.

What sets the newest women’s surf brand on the block apart from the competition is their commitment to options. Their wetsuits, which are designed for high-performance, and were designed specifically for a woman’s body, are available in a front and back-zip, as well as all of the colorways, in 4/3mm and 3/2mm full suit options, along with spring suits.

SISSTR is also answering the call for a surf brand that focuses on sustainability: They’ve implemented fabrics produced from coconuts, as well as organic cottons and hemp throughout their inaugural line of apparel.

The apparel is designed to be “pack and play”: pack in your bag, shake it out, put it on. It’s easy to wear and easy to travel with, which is essential for the surf-minded traveler.

With the same design director as Amuse Society, and the industry experience of Vissla to lean on, SISSTREVOLUTION is poised to make a real splash in the surf world. They’re not trying to be the biggest brand in the game, the team just wants to provide a quality product for women in the water.

All images courtesy of Sisstrevolution.

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