The One Car You’d Want to Drive If the World Were Ending

The one car you'd want to drive if the world were ending—and where to take it

The car you’d want for the end of the world

1974 Dino 246 GT

Named for Enzo Ferrari’s dead son. Never called a Ferrari. Back then, Ferraris had V12s. This bambino Ferrari had a high-winding 2.4-liter 4-cam V6 and a drop-dead gorgeous Pininfarina body, with voluptuous fenders, wraparound rear glass, Kamm tail, and air scoops behind the doors. Ferrari’s first midengine production model, the Dino was the perfect blend of form and function.

The ultimate destination for one final drive

Lime Rock in autumn

Frost on the pumpkins. Maple leaves dripping with color. The short drive from CT’s Interlaken Inn to Lime Rock Park would have all the mechanicals ready for a morning romp around the track and a shot at a brass-ring lap of 59 seconds. Then we’d be off to Watkins Glen—not the famous track above the city but the original circuit through town. There, at breakneck speeds, the Dino and I would retrace the ghostly tracks of race cars past, pausing slightly at every traverse of MiIliken’s Corner to toast with Veuve Clicquot the man who invented auto dynamics.

John Dinkel is an auto engineer, lifelong racer, and a columnist for Men’s Fitness. Follow him on Twitter.

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