One Loud Week With the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones


It’s been 12 days and I’m still listening to the new Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones — that’s on one charge. That’s clearly one of the biggest selling points of the new Monitors, followed closely by the one-of-a-kind controls. A quick thumb up on the left-side knob makes anything I’m listening to louder; pushed down makes it quiet or completely mutes it. 


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Up the volume enough, and the highs hit a little higher on certain songs than others, enough to make me blink during a snare hit or vocals that came across almost too clear. But they’re considerably better than other pairs, especially if you’re looking for gear that doesn’t have a cord. They feel comfortable even after leaving them on for hours, the rounded design fitting slightly over the edges of my ears. The pair also folds like Marshall’s Major IIs.


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Pairing to a device is foolproof but can be tricky on first try. You have to hold down the button on the set until it syncs — for me, it took between five and 10 seconds. Once you’ve done this it automatically pairs unless you want to connect to, say, your desktop instead of your phone. The headphones don’t cut out when you walk away from the connected device either. I took about 30 steps from my phone before the sound buffered. You might be wondering about charging. But I’ve hardly thought about it. Marshall says the cups can go about 30 hours, and at the time of publication, I have never had to charge them — with over a week’s worth of on-and-off use.

Price: $250
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