This Osprey Farpoint Bag Is the Most Diverse Pack I’ve Owned

Courtesy Osprey

I purchased the Osprey Farpoint shortly after quitting my job to travel Latin America without any real plans. Months later, I’m still traveling and still eternally grateful I purchased this backpack, and here’s why it’s a great piece of luggage.

At 70 liters, it’s the same size as most medium-sized checked roller bags. However, you won’t have to check it because, well, it’s a backpack. What sets this apart from your typical backpacker’s bag is that functionally it works more like a suitcase thanks to the full-length clamshell zipper that allows you to fully open the bag. It’s great for short stays, as you can easily open it to grab what you need without digging through a small opening at the top. It’s even got a separate zippered mesh pocket to put dirty clothes in if you’re so inclined.

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Perhaps the Farpoint’s best characteristic is a smaller backpack that zips onto the front of the larger pack—perfect for day trips. So you can leave the large bag in your hotel without having to pack a separate backpack for said journeys.

I should probably mention I’m a bad owner. I beat this bag up. I overpack it. But the zippers hold fast. I drag it around on the ground and still, it doesn’t rip or blemish. It’s made from ripstop nylon and is water-resistant with a padded back and straps. It’s super comfortable to walk around in, even when stuffed to the gills, and it features support straps to ensure your back doesn’t take too much of a beating when you inevitably overpack.

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The bottom line: It’s one of the most diverse bags I’ve ever owned, just as effective on the trail as on quick weekend jaunts. It’s the perfect choice for travel that isn’t planned out to a T. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find out you have to walk a mile to your hotel with a rollie or duffle bag. With a backpack, it’s not a problem.


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