Our Favorite Entry-Level DSLR Is Dirt Cheap Right Now


It’s no secret the Nikon d5500 is one of our favorite entry- to mid-level DSLRs. With its ergonomic handgrip and intuitive touchscreen, it’s the ideal gateway camera for amateur smartphone shooters looking to make the leap to the big time. 

For 2017, our favorite DSLR received an upgrade. The new Nikon d5600 is comparable to its sibling in many respects: Dimensions, lens adaptability, and photo functionality are nearly identical (although the 5600 weighs 45 grams less). But the 5600 takes advantage of Nikon’s new Snapbridge technology, which automatically transfers image files as they are taken to any Bluetooth-paired device — instantly. That means no more manually transferring image files, and no more waiting until you plug into a computer to post photos to social media. This is truly a DSLR for the new generation.

And right now, it’s a bargain. The retail price is nearly $700 — that’s for the camera body only. Add a decent lens like the Nikkor 18-55mm VR AF-P, and the price jumps a couple hundred bucks (at least). But right now on eBay, we found the d5600, plus the aforementioned Nikkor zoom lens, for about a third less than retail

Happy snapping. [Buy it now for $585 at ebay.com]

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