The Adventure Pup Gear We’re Using Right Now

Dogs rule. They’re the ideal companions for outdoorsy types who go the distance, whether that means putting the pup to work or simply having him or her around as a furry addition to the adventurous family.

But adventure pups need rugged gear. They’re out in the elements, they get dirty, and they need their own supplies while out on the trail. Below are some of our favorite picks this season for keeping your dog warm, secure and nurtured on all your journeys.

Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack ($79.95)

As one of the most trusted names in the business of lightweight dog packs, Ruffwear has been perfecting the process for almost forty years.

The Approach Pack ranges from a carrying volume of 7 to 24 liters depending on the size of your pet. Its passive compression system alleviates the weight strain allowing for more movement, especially for higher energy dogs who like to hike the trail twice.

It features plenty of pockets for food, water, snacks and even to off-load some of your extra items. But be mindful of the load – Ruffwear recommends that your pooch only carry about 25% of its weight in its panniers.

Filson Dog Collection

Filson’s promise of building the best garments for people also applies to dogs. Over 100 years of tradition in durability gave designers the insight that the Shelter Cloth they were using on their coats could be applied to protection for our four-legged friends.

The Shelter Cloth Dog Coat ($95) is a water-repellant layer that protects against the accumulation of additional moisture in the field and provides extra protection against the cold with a 100% virgin Mackinaw wool lining.

Filson’s Bridle leather collection of leashes, harnesses and collars are made from high-grade Bridle Leather right here in the USA with rustproof brass hardware. If your dog has pups, this is the heirloom piece you pass along to her next generation.

Carhartt Dog Seat Cover ($99.95)

Like an insurance policy for your interior.

Anyone who lets their dog ride shotgun or lounge across the back seat understands how treacherous this can be on car seats, especially with those heavy shedders in the summer months. Cloth interior will trap any stains, and just about any other material will wear quickly over time with abrasion from claws, mud, snow and sand.

One of the best investments you can make for your car and security of your furry pal is a car seat cover. Carhartt’s is steeped in their workwear tradition that extends to sporting dogs who are bred to hunt in uncompromising conditions.

Made from 12-ounce, firm hand ring spun cotton duck, it provides a barrier between your daily driver and every element that can be tracked in. When it gets too soiled, just wash, rinse and repeat for years of reliable wear.

It’s important to mention that pet security is a recent hot bed of conversation and rightfully so. You wouldn’t let your child ride without a seatbelt and neither should dogs. As an alternative to free-range drives on windy roads or congested highways, try keeping him or her secure in a Gunner Kennel.

Topo Cinch Tote ($59)

What’s in your doggy bag?

Dog items are awkward and seem to find themselves tucked into just about every corner other than the one you’re looking in. If you don’t already have a favorite doggy bag, consider the Topo Cinch Tote as an efficient way to stay organized.

A large, expandable main compartment is just over 17 liters and the added benefit of the cinch top means you can stuff it full without worrying about dumping out the contents if it tips over. Four deep exterior pockets give quick access to easy-to-grab items like leashes, treats or a water bottle.

Pendleton Dog National Park Collection

Stripes do anything but blend in.

Pendleton extended the vibrant colors from their National Park Collection to include some pretty stylish accessories for dogs – now their iconic stripes line dog beds, collars, leashes and jackets.

Like us humans, all dogs are created different and some have a higher threshold for the cold than others. Ensure they don’t shiver by adding the National Park Dog Coat, a polyester polar fleece layer that reverses to quilted cotton canvas. After the sun goes down, they’ll thank you for the cozy place to crash on a thick high-loft National Park Dog Bed.

Pendleton also shares royalties from each sale with the National Park Foundation which has raised over $700,000 to date, a win-win for you and your best friend.

All photos by Dustin Beatty.

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