Pivothead Aurora Shale with Air Sync: Action Cameras for Every Adventure


Most action-friendly cameras come in two varieties: the rugged point-and-shoot or the helmet-mountable. There is, however, a third way, and Pivothead’s camera-cum-sunglasses are it. These shades shoot full 1080p video and 8-megapixel snaps. Arguably, Pivothead is offering point-of-view recording in the truest sense. Also, it won’t give your images a fish-eye look either, meaning results should be much truer to your literal point of view. Other features include one-touch recording and face tracking just to ratchet up the ‘Terminator’ vibe even more. The optional Air Sync accessory brings WiFi connectivity for easier access to your hard-earned footage. [Eyewear, $299; Air Sync unit, $99; pivothead.com]

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