Pourtables: Fresh Organic Coffee Anytime, Anywhere

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If you like to spend quality time in the outdoors, then you know the perils of making good coffee on the go. Either you end up with a mess, or you end up with a lousy cup of coffee — usually both. There’s simply nothing that can replace your favorite brewing gadgets at home. Until now. Sold in packet form to deliver a single cup of fresh, organic coffee on the go, Pourtables is like a tea bag — a tea bag filled with ground organic coffee.

Pourables (sold in packs of 10 for $19.99 at Amazon) require only hot water to brew and filter coffee straight into your enamel camp mug. Each packet is filled with ground organic coffee, so you can avoid the mess that often comes with using portable French press mugs or percolators. With Pourtables, all you need to do is a pour hot water over the open-bag filter. Flushed with nitrogen and sealed to maintain optimum freshness, you can pack as many Pourtables as you would like; they’ll keep for an entire year. Select from flavors like floral and citric coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, or the chocolate and berry noted coffee from Tolima, Colombia.

Plus, when you purchase a Pourtables pack, you are serving the regions where Libra Coffee, based in San Diego, California, sources its beans; with every order, Libra donates water filters to rural communities in locales like Ethiopia and Colombia, creating a sustainable model of quality coffee sourcing. If you enjoy the taste of Pourtables craft coffee, you can opt into Libra Coffee’s subscription service. Set your preference to one bag per week, every other week, or per month. You’ll get fresh, ready-to-pour coffee bags delivered to your door on the regs so when you’re ready to go, Pourtables is ready to brew.

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