Preview: Polar’s New A370 Aims to Be a Fitness-tracking Powerhouse

Polar A370
Courtesy image

These days, most fitness trackers and smartwatches feature heart rate tracking. It’s practically commonplace at this point, even if the quality isn’t exactly uniform across the industry.

But Polar is going one step further with its latest product: the Polar A370 fitness tracker.

Set to debut in early June, the A370 is the successor to the popular A360 tracker. Unlike many other trackers in the same price range, the A370 tracks your heart rate every five minutes all day, as opposed to only during exercise. Consequently, the A370 can provide in-depth analysis of your average heart rate as well as the highs and lows, and how your heart rate changes during the day. It shines during workouts, too, as the A370 provides tips on how to achieve the right intensity based on heart rate.

Additionally, Polar appears to be taking a crack at Fibit’s promising Sleep Stages feature with a sleep tracking feature of its own called Sleep Plus. According to Polar, Sleep Plus accurately tracks sleep time and quality, and can provide feedback based on your sleeping patterns. We recently tested Sleep Stages, and found it to be promising but with a few small quirks, so we’re interested in seeing how the A370 compares.

As with other Polar fitness trackers, the A370 connects to Polar’s app to provide detailed exercise statistics and workout coaching.

The A370 is slated for release in early June. It’s set to cost $180, which is $20 less than its predecessor. If Polar’s previous offerings are any indication, this smartwatch will be one to keep an eye on.

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