Preview: Wellograph Activity Tracker

Preview: Wellograph Activity Tracker

The fine people at Wellograph asked themselves: Activity trackers are cool, but would I wear them to a board meeting?

That’s the question they’ve tried to answer. As bulky, gear-looking activity trackers permeate the market, Wellograph wants to offer a watch that won’t look like it’s from 2080. The watch itself is slick. It’s got a leather strap and a sapphire crystal display, and one feature that might bring those who value simplicity around is that it’s a device all to itself: There’s no smartphone app (well, there is, but it’s not a requirement). That means you don’t have to pair it with a phone. Bonus. 

Another feature that’s a testament to the device’s simplicity is how it displays information. Instead of an agglomeration on numbers, the device’s info – heart rate, steps taken – displays in simple infographics. Like, bar charts. This seems rudimentary, but there’s no better way to quickly deliver vital information. The device recharges easily – just slip it onto a charger, say, at night – and the battery is supposed to last two weeks. It’s not bulky and lightweight, weighing in at about 3.5 ounces.

For those looking for a simple, business-friendly activity tracker, this is a game changer.

The watch begins shipping early this spring. For more info, visit

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