Pro Tips for Getting the Most From Your Action Camera

Pro Tips for Getting the Most From Your Action Camera

Action cameras like the GoPro HERO4 or the Garmin VIRB XE are more popular than ever. But just because you bought one of the versatile cameras doesn’t mean would-be videographers have any idea what they’re doing.

That’s why we talked to Max Santeusanio, a cinematographer at L.A.-based action-film-production company Camp4 Collective, to get his secrets for shooting like a pro.

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Keep the camera low

“Whether mounting an action cam to a human, ski, car, or mountain bike, the closer you mount it to the ground, the faster the moving object will appear to be traveling. Your footage will look much more intense.”

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Find a creative POV

“Many people only mount the camera to their own body. Put an action cam on anything that moves—on the fork of your mountain bike, on the tip of your ski, on a conveyor belt, on a soccer ball, on your dog.”

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Press the mute button

“Whenever action-cam edits are posted online, the creator often leaves the sound in the final video. But the waterproof/shockproof housings for these cameras severely diminish the sound quality and create very tinny, muffled audio. Do everyone on the Internet a favor and leave the sound off in the final edit. Or, better yet, add music.”

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