This Is the Pullup Bar You Should Install in Your Home Gym


“The doorjamb ones are all pretty terrible,” trainer Will Lanier says, laughing. He’s referring to the most ubiquitous fitness equipment around: pullup bars. “The door models restrict the way you can use them, and even if you have the best door in the world, you could still fall off the wall.”

Instead, he recommends a “bitchin’ wall-mounted bar you screw into the studs of your wall so you never have to worry about showing up on YouTube with an #epicfail hashtag.” The bar he recommends most highly is Titan’s wall-mounted version pictured above ($75, “It’s made of steel and comes away from the wall by almost three feet, so you can do not only pullups but also ab work. You can also get a set of gymnastics rings and do dips and ring pullups or strict to straight muscle-ups. The Titan has so many workout options, you’ll definitely use it for more than just another thing to throw your dirty clothes on.”

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