Quitbit: Can You Really Quit Smoking With This Gadget?


So you want to quit smoking. There's certainly no shortage of programs, pills, patches, vapes, and other smoking cessation options. But all of them are fairly low-tech, and susceptible to human error (you're probably cheating more often than you think). That's why when we ran into Quitbit in the halls of CES 2016, we saw past the clever name and gimmicky pamphlets. This $129 app-equipped smart lighter might just be the smoke-ending breakthrough you're looking for.

The concept is pretty straightforward: Quitbit is, first and foremost an electric lighter, one not unlike your old school car one that you jabbed in and waited to get red hot. That means no fuel to refill, no issues with airline travel. Just press a button and stab your cancer stick into the heat. Where things get clever is that, much like a popular exercise tracker that happens to rhyme with Quitbit, this lighter both keeps a running tally of how many times you light up in a day and how long it's been since your last butt, and when synced with its companion app (via Bluetooth), it goes deep into quantifying all the terribleness that is your smoke habit.  

Among other tidy data points, there's daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly stats for how much money you've saved by reducing your smoking, detailed analysis of when you light up, as well as a cessation planner that lets you give yourself goals to hit. It's like an automated conscience (or a nagging robotic spouse).

While Quitbit is no doubt an evolutionary leap beyond the Bic of yesteryear, the jury is out on how smart this method of giving up the habit actually is. After all, users are faced with this little cognitively dissonant conundrum: The more fun the Quitbit is, the more you'll want to use it, but the more successful it is, the quicker you'll stop using it. Still, the goal is worthy, and if it works, perhaps the most important health-tracking device you'll ever buy. [$129; QuitbitLighter.com]

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