Red Bull’s New Alarm App Will Stop You From Hitting Snooze

The Red Bull Alert app will get you out of bed faster.
The Red Bull Alert app will get you out of bed faster.

Red Bull's new alarm clock app aims to get you awake and out your front door faster with a combination of extreme sports themes and metric tracking that holds you accountable for hitting the snooze button. Now available on Google Play for Android and Android Wear platforms, Red Bull Alert has basic alarm clock functions, such as customizable alarm schedules, snooze limits, and sounds, but sets itself apart with a few features that are more athletically minded. These include nine different adventure sport concepts that use wake-up sights and sounds of activities like snowboarding, BASE jumping, mountain biking, skateboarding, surfing, and BMX.

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But the big motivator is the tracking of how long it takes you to get up each morning with the daily Red Bull Alert feedback. The tracking system uses a scoreboard that gauges your snooze habits, counts the number of minutes you dismiss your alarm, and can be synced to Facebook or Twitter. This allows you to see how you measure up to your social circle and friends' wake-up habits if you want to use public shame, or your competitive nature, to rouse yourself from slumber. [Free;]

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