Reebok Challenges Nike Execs to Try CrossFit


This weekend, Nike and Reebok moved one step closer to all-out corporate warfare. It all started when CrossFit banned Nike’s shoe last week. Since the workout phenom has an exclusive corporate deal with Reebok, no other brands are allowed to market their gear specifically towards the CrossFit audience. Of course, Nike did anyway, branding their new sneaker as the MetCon 1—which led to the shoe’s banishment from the CrossFit games. 

In retalliation, Nike launched a campaign capitalizing on the ban. The sneaker has been promoted in the classic Air Jordan “banned” color scheme, a red and black combo that became famous after Michael Jordan refused to acknowledge the NBA ban on the Nike shoe. They also sent out a slew of ads reading “Don’t Ban Our Shoe. Beat Our Shoe.” 

Reebok’s response? An insagram post challenging Nike’s exec team to a CrossFit showdown. They invited the execs to come try an On Ramp WOD to get familiar with CrossFit. But we suspect this invitation isn’t exactly friendly. Meanwhile, the shoe is continuing to gain traction on social media, where positive reviews and new orders keep cropping up. 

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