Removing old wax from your surfboard has never been easier

Waxtrak believes that they have the solution to one of surfing’s oldest problems: removing old wax from your surfboard. Waxtrak is a removable vinyl adhesive sheet that you apply to your clean surfboard deck. Then, you wax your deck normally applying wax directly to the sheet (which has a tread pattern that Waxtrak claims makes for an easier and stickier wax job). When the wax eventually becomes old, dirty and slippery, you simply peel off the sheet, apply a new one and begin again. It’s that simple.

The vinyl sheet sticks on, and peels off, within seconds. Photo Waxtrak
The vinyl sheet sticks on, and peels off, within seconds. Photo: Courtesy of Waxtrak

Normally, surfers would have to scrape off the old wax from their boards using a painful wax comb, Mom’s spatula or a credit card (usually after melting the wax in the sun first). It’s messy and time consuming business, with the deck also needing a good clean afterward with some sort of wax remover. Waxtrak just might have consigned those days to the past.

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