Review: 808 Headphones

808 headphone review teaser

808 Audio is introducing a new line of headphones that claims premium performance at a paltry price. The series includes in-ear buds and a variety of over-the-ear headphones.

We road-tested a pair of the 808 (that’s the name of this model) over-the-ear headphones in a variety of locations throughout New York City to see if they lived up to their claim. Check out the results below.

Look and Feel

First of all, these ‘phones are crazy comfortable—like, you can wear them for hours without worrying about a pounding headache. The crown and ears are lined with soft form-fitting leather padding, giving the device great cushioning.

As far as looks go, the sleek, smooth finish is very attractive. The basic model comes in three colors: white, black, and gray, all marked by subtle red detailing on the ears and the cord. That small pop of color gives the headphones a modern, edgy feel.

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Performance and Practicality

The 808 ‘phones offer clear sound, free of any buzz or feedback. They also handle ultra-high volumes without distorting your music, so while your hearing may suffer from rocking a little too hard, your headphones won’t encounter the same fate.

One issue we had was the “noise isolating” claim that these headphones boast. Sure, they’ll cancel out some surrounding noise, but you’re going to hear a bit of muffled chatter through the music. Also, if you crank the volume high enough, just know that your tunes will seep out into the surrounding area—and your neighbors will know what you’re listening to.  

The Verdict

Compared with other popular models of over-the-ear headphones, the 808 series definitely has an edge with its affordable pricing (this model sells for $99.99) and high-quality audio. Though the 808s are not completely noise-canceling, they do a pretty decent job at blocking out most stuff from the outside world. If you’re looking for some quality headphones that won’t bottom out your wallet, the 808 series should be at the top of your list.

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