Review: Google HP Chromebook 11

Review: Google HP Chromebook 11

Google got it right when the company used the tagline “For Everyone” to market the new HP Chromebook 11 that released last week. With a $279 price tag, it is accessible to almost everyone–at least everyone who loves Google.

The device operates within the Google cloud, which means that you’ll never lose your information even if you actually lose or damage the Chromebook. It also means that you’ll be working exclusively inside of Google Chrome.

The Google Chromebook basically features everything you can do inside of Google Chrome built into one device that also comes with 100 GB of Google Drive cloud storage. This is a perfect holiday gift for everyone from a teenager who needs a laptop for school to a parent still wary of technology.

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Here are a few things we liked about the new Chromebook 11:

  • The device comes with QuickBooks, which allows you to open and edit Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) without having to download Microsoft Office.
  • Virus protection comes built-in so if the device detects a virus or malware it can essentially wipe your device clean and recover it from the Google Drive cloud.
  • It uses a microUSB charger. Can you imagine charging your phone, tablet, and laptop device all with one charger? Clutch.
  • The speakers are tucked in under the keyboard so you won’t have to worry about muffling the sound by sitting your Chromebook on your lap.
  • One Chromebook can service multiple users. Just sign into the device with your own Google username and password and it’s your laptop until you sign out.

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