Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum: A Stick Vac Worth Displaying

Navy blue vacuum in kitchen
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We love disruptors, and Samsung is leading the charge on reshaping the way tech fits into your life. Function is always implicit with housewares—but form? Hit or miss. That’s why the Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum is such a novelty in the category. Rather than being stashed away in a closet, Samsung designed a cordless vac worthy of being put on display.

What it is

The Bespoke Jet is beauty and brawn epitomized. To keep the vac from feeling incongruous amidst your home decor and furnishings, it nests into an All-in-One Clean Station. This brilliant docking system is made of plastic hardshell finished in three design-forward colors (for now): Midnight Blue, Misty White, and Woody Green. Once the vac is on the cradle, the Clean Station automatically begins recharging the battery. At the press of a button, it’ll also empty the dustbin using pulsating air waves, like a heartbeat, to dislodge dust, hair, and debris. To ensure that dust doesn’t escape back into your home, Samsung developed an advanced five-layer filtration system that captures 99.999% of fine dust particles: two cyclones separate the dust particles and three filters trap them.

Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum with all-in-one Clean Station in Woody Green.
Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum with all-in-one Clean Station in Woody Green. Courtesy Image

The design of the stick vac itself is light and nimble. In fact, the Bespoke Jet weighs 24 percent less than previous Samsung stick vac models. Don’t underestimate its capabilities, though. While engineers shrunk the motor, they made it more powerful. The HexaJet motor delivers 210 air watts of suction power. For comparison, the Samsung Jet 60 Fit Cordless Stick Vacuum has 150 air watts. If you’ve got that model, the two are similar but you’re leveling up the tech. The Jet 60 Fit has a fixed pipe so you can’t just the height, requires wall mounting, and has no display; it does, however, have a bigger waste bin, but that doesn’t matter much when you can empty the Bespoke Jet’s .5-liter dust cup into the 2-liter bin after each session.

The Bespoke Jet has a telescopic pipe for three different height positions and an LCD display, which shows how much juice is left in the battery (or charging time), as well as alerts like a clog in the system that requires dislodging or a missing filter. You’ve got a handy attachment caddie to stash the additional tool heads, while also charging the included second battery.

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Speaking of attachments, here’s what’s included:

  • Pet Tool: A rubber nozzle with bristles grabs long, thin pet (and human) hair from carpets, hardwood floors, and tile, as well as soft surfaces like couches.
  • Crevice Tool: This narrow pipe-esque head gets into all the tight nooks and crannies between furniture and walls with ease.
  • Combo Brush: A duster and vac hybrid, this is perfect for collecting fine and large particles at once.
  • Flex Tool: Capable of bending up to 90 degrees, this long-reach arm is perfect for cleaning tall shelves, window panels and molding, and under furniture.
  • Turbo Brush: A do-it-all head, this is rubberized to pick up debris from carpets and rugs, with an additional soft brush, great for hard floors and tile.

While it’s not included to the dismay of Samsung fans, we recommend springing for the Spinning Sweeper attachment (sold separately) to make this a true all-in-one cleaning tool. You can add your favorite cleaning solution, and the dual spinning mopping pads will scour floors.

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Why we like it

The Turbo Brush makes it so you don’t have to constantly change the head while cleaning rooms with varying floor types (e.g. carpet, tile, hard wood). This makes your clean time way more efficient. What’s more, the pain point of long hair getting get tangled in vac head is solved by a clip on the side of the attachment head that lets you pull out the inner mechanism to release hair.

The bag in the Clean Station lasts about three to four months before you need to throw it away, and the opening folds down almost like camera aperture, closing in on itself to trap dust and debris when you need to dispose. A total cleaning time of 120 minutes also means cleaning a whole house is doable without pausing to recharge half-way through.

Of course we can’t look over aesthetics. If you’re constantly reaching for your vac to clean up messes from kids, pets, and meals, it makes a world of a difference to be able to proudly keep the Bespoke Jet at arm’s reach in the kitchen, walk-in pantry, or anywhere you want really.


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